Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010: The Year Marketing Died...

The Forrester Blog ( came out with a fantastic article...thought the following points were most valid when exploring what the new frontier of marketing campaigns might actually look like. It is absolutely critical to join the social media bandwagon. It will also be incredibly beneficial to companies that want to ensure success of products or campaigns because they have direct access to their key demographic thanks to social media.

Of course, if marketing burns to the ground in 2010, a new and more powerful marketing will rise from the ashes. The role of the new marketer:

•Won't be simply to focus on outbound messaging but to consult with sales, customer service, and human resources on how the brand must be communicated in every consumer interaction, every tweet, and every touchpoint,
•Won't be merely to imagine creative messages but to fashion programs that are seamless with the actual product and service experience,
•Won't be to plan bursts of communication on a yearlong calendar but to respond to and be part of the ever-changing dialog with consumers,
•Won't be to count friends, page visits, eyeballs, readers, or viewers but to measure changes in consumer attitude and intent,
•Won't be merely to talk at consumers but to listen and engage one to one,
•Won't be to build campaigns but relationships,
•Won't be to create impressions but experiences, and
•Won't be buy media but to earn it.

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